• Our Products

    We are currently involved in fish farming, goat rearing and breeding, pig farming, cattle farming, poultry and organic farming of rice. We are going to establish a chicken hatchery in near future.

    We are soon going to launch our own exclusive oulet in Biratnagar, Nepal to supply fresh farm produce to our valued customers.


  • We are maintaining seven fish ponds with about 1.5 million fish of different varieties. Our customers value our fish for their taste, quality and focus on hygiene.

  • We are one of a only handful of companies in Nepal involved in rearing and breeding of Boer breed of goats. Developed in South Africa in the early 1900s, this breed of goats are known for their fast growth rate and resistance to diseases. These are the qualities that has ensured that these goats remain in good demand.

  • We raise and breed pigs at our farm with utmost care on hygiene and quality of feed. We source the piglets from the best breeders in Nepal.

  • We have set up poultry farms to raise "Giriraj" breed of chicken as well as the "Broiler" chickens. We are going to open a hatchery very soon.

  • We maintain a small cattle farm with cows. We supply high quality unadulterated milk to our valued customers. We always make sure that the milk reaches our customers as fresh as possible.

  • We are also involved in organic farming. Having already produced high quality organic rice, we plan to expand it to produce high quality organic fruits and vegetables in near future.